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The best places for touring in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is the capital of the Republic of Argentina. Located in front of the Río de La Plata valued as the “Paris of South America,”  has an intense cultural life where tango, classy architecture and soccer are essential elements in its people daily lives.
            Officially the city is divided into 48 “barrios” or territorial units which derive from the ancient parishes established in the nineteenth century. Although there is talk of “100 barrios porteños”, this expression has its origin in a popular song and not the actual number of neighborhoods.


The name of the street was inspired by a famous tango called “Caminito” written in 1926 by Gabino Coria Peñaloza and Juan de Dios Filiberto. Is one long pedestrian street where all the houses are made of metal sheets painted in different colors, along the street painters, arts vendors and tango dancers, show their abilities.

Av. 9 de julio 

Is considered one of the widest avenue in the world. In their intersection whith Av Corrientes can be found the well-known obelisk was built and inaugurated in 1936, and commemorates four historical moments for the city.

Puerto madero
What formerly were river docks and warehouses, of the Rio de la plata, actually are renovated and turned into a modern shoping area, five star hotels, restaurants and  large office buildings.

Colon theater
Is the most important lyric theater in Latin America was inaugurated on the May 25, 1908 Its schedule includes ballet and classical music concerts, opera, and it also houses the Ballet School. The theater's last performance before its closure for refurbishment works in 2005 and are reopened with a gala concert and 3D animations on 24 May 2010.


Is a musical style that was born in Argentina and Uruguay, The dance is one of the most important expressions of the tango. A good dancer is one who transmits a feeling of the music to the partner The tango cannot be danced individually; the woman seduces and the man leads.  The "Tango Day" is celebrated in Buenos Aires on December 11th

Cafe tortoni (Tortonni coffee house)

The Cafe Tortoni is a legend of the city. It operated the largest peña literary predicament of Buenos Aires, led by the painter Benito Quinquela Martin. Today is still a place for the dissemination of culture and tourism

El tigre
Situated in the north of Greater Buenos Aires, covers a large section of the Paraná Delta vintage mahogany commuter launches and motorboats are the way to travel through its web of inter-connecting rivers and streams.
La bombonera
The Estadio “Alberto J. Armando” is located in the neighborhood of La Boca. It is popularly known as “La Bombonera”. It is competing for the football matches that the Club Atletico Boca Juniors played in local status.